Sumptous buffet at Vikings Niu

Vikings Niu
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Define food coma … buffet it is. ’Tis the season that all buffet restaurants are packed with reunions, parties and of course birthdays. Tip: book a reservation more than a month before december or else you’ll end up like us who waited 2 hours for a table. The original plan was to go to Vikings Megamall but then when we called around 10AM there are already 49 queued for dinner … 49! While Vikings Niu only have 9. At least less  40.

Niu's roasting section

When we got to the venue around 5:30PM we’re already queued at 31. I already assumed that we’re going to have our dinner around 8pm. And … so I’m right haha! So enough of my rant and shall began my review.

Niu's Bread section

Vikings Niu is much more expensive to any Vikings. Per person cost P1,500. And if you dine on the exact day for your birthdate then you’re free! Since the buffet is inclusive of steaks and wines. I’m driving so I’m not allowed to get any alcohol.

Niu's steak corner

They offer a lot of varieties from chinese, japanese, italian, mediterranean cuisines. I only saw 2 Filipino dishes though. Compared to Vikings they have more steaks offered. You can also request if you want your steak medium raw or (cooked). Though IMO there’s more dishes on Vikings compared to Niu.

Niu's japanese cuisine

As I’ve mentioned since Vikings is known for free birthday meals they do have a different celebration. For dinner, all lights out at 7:30PM in a very classic tune. Waiters walk very slowly carrying small birthday cakes around the hall. When the lights on they’ll give the cakes to the celebrants.

Porcupine bread

Back to my sumptuous meal. I do enjoy their sushi, tempura, grilled chicken and this white porcupine bread that taste “hopia-like” ube flavor. Too cute to eat. Another tip: go for less carbs since most dishes are fried and eat fruits for tangal-umay. I did … but I think I’ve eaten too may fried. Lugi talaga sa buffet haha!

Niu's dessert section

And of course desserts to wrap up your dinner. The one that’s not here is Vikings famous avocado ice cream. Why Niu? Whyyy? At least they do have my favourite yogurt … unfortunately its not frozen yet huhu. Oh well, I’m full already.

Vikings Niu buffet

PHP 1,438.00 + 5% service charge



Venue (Market Market)




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