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my HungryPress Nathan Phillips Square
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Our visit to Toronto was swift and hassle-free. Except for my sister I guess, who’s been our tour guide for the past two weeks hehe.🙏🏼 We stayed in Toronto and visited some of the popular areas for both locals and travelers. This will serve as part one of my Toronto series.😃

What we check out first on our first day? Grab chocolates! A small difference in prices compared to Manila but we found a treasure hub for our source of souvenirs and everyday snack – Dollarama. It’s like Daiso in Manila where they sell items at such low price! From snacks to utensils, office items, souvenirs and more! Heaven it is. I like to buy my chocolates here and simply amazed by the huge chocolate coin they have. Whenever we’re at the mall, we make sure to drop by and at least buy something at Dollarama hahaha. If you’re going to buy some food, make sure to check out the expiration date.

my HungryPress Dollarama

Some of the malls we went to is Scarborough City Centre which is just a few minutes away by train from where we’re staying at. And if you’re in Downtown, you can go and have a dose of your shopping at CF Toronto Eaton Centre. There are a few sales during our time of visit (May to June). So if you still have some spare cash, saved it for shopping hahaha.

my HungryPress CF Toronto Eaton Centre

To make your way around Toronto, you can either ride a bus or subway. Just make sure to exchange your money for those subway and bus coins.

my HungryPress Toronto Canada

Time to go to Toronto’s iconic places. To reach Distillery district, we ride the tramway. Tramway runs on cable and I just enjoy looking into the city while on a ride.

my HungryPress Canada tramway

Distillery District is located in east downtown. It’s a national historic site wherein the streets are made of cobblestones and vibrant industrial buildings. You can dine-in here and they frequently held events out here.

my HungryPress Distillery District

A few blocks away from Distillery is Gooderham building. Also known as the flat iron building and the most instagrammable here in Toronto.

my HungryPress Gooderham building

my HungryPress Gooderham building

A few minutes away you’ll reach St. Lawrence Market. The major public market in Toronto for your grocery needs.

my HungryPress St. Lawrence Market

We hop into a bus ride and went into the center of downtown. And we get to check out St. James cathedral. It was closed during that time but we enjoy the green garden and full bloom tulips. If you want to see more tulips make sure to visit during this season (May to June).

my HungryPress St. James cathedral

my HungryPress St. James cathedral

Walk into the direction of Toronto’s plaza and you’ll see this huge City hall. It was picturesque and it blends on what I’m wearing that day so photo-op hahaha.

my HungryPress Toronto's city hall

And finally just on the other side of the road is Nathan Phillips Square. It’s an event landmark situated at the heart of the city. During summer, people gather to watch performances, events or just be mesmerized by the fountain. In winter, the pool becomes a skating rink. That’ll be a sight to see someday.

my HungryPress Nathan Phillips Square

my HungryPress Nathan Phillips Square
my HungryPress Nathan Phillips Square

Bookmarked these places when you get to visit Toronto. Check also my previous posts about my travel to Quebec:

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