Things to do in Moalboal: Pescador Island

Things to do in Moalboal
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Moalboal is 4 hrs away from Cebu airport. Make sure to have a Grab app to avoid the hassle of commuting and since the city is like Manila traffic. Actually during our August 2017 trip, there’s a Grab promo for Cebu tourists and we got a discounted fare 😉

From Moalboal bus terminal, we rode the Ceres bus and since we arrived around 2pm there are no AC buses already. Fare cost around P100. Once we’ve reached Moalboal, we’ve already contacted kuya Gilbert our guide during our stay. And we recommend highly recommend kuya for his service. You may contact him on this number – 0935 4383978.

We’re only 2 on this trip so for P1,200 for both of us, you may enjoy Moalboal island hopping . Rate depends on how many pax. Payment goes to the boat men. We just gave kuya Gilbert a separate payment for his service 🙂 Our island hopping consist of Pescador island, turtle watching and sardines. Not really actually an island hopping since its only one island haha! No food is provided so bring snacks in case you get hungry. Additional rate applies for whale shark on Oslob since its much farther than Moalboal.

Pescador island

As I’ve said we’re only 2 on this trip so habal habal it is! First time to ride a motorcycle and what an experience. First stop snorkeling around Pescador island. It looks fun since a lot of diving enthusiasts are enjoying their underwater dive.Clear blue sea, magnificent corals…but wait, I feel some sting and it hurts. Oh great, this season is full of jellyfish! I have to go back to the boat immediately. Guys, if you run into a school of jellyfish make sure to clean your skin with clean water. And not pee pee okay? And let your skin rest first before diving again because it really hurts. Tip: bring clean drinking water and sunblock. These are your friends if you happen to go on a trip by August.

Turtle watching

Next stop, my most awaited turtle watching. As I’ve learned on this trip, diving is essential to enjoy the magnificent view of marine life. Unfortunately I can’t dive huhu aside from the jellyfish excuse of course. So how do we get these shots. Thank you to our boat men who helped us capture these moments.

Scuba diving

Turtle watching

Third stop, Sardines. This time I was able to watch them personally as its just within reach from the water surface. Big shoals of sardines swam never ending. Indeed it was an amazing view and experience here at Moalboal.


You can stay as long as you want per stop. Just make sure to squeeze in your itinerary for the day. We only have 2 days here at Moalboal so to show our itinerary to you:

  • 7:00AM left Moalboal beach resort
  • 7:20AM breakfast at bayan
  • 8:00AM Island hopping
  • 10:00AM left and went to Badian
  • 11:00AM Badian to Kawasan falls (which I’ll cover on my next post)




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