Things to do in Moalboal: Kawasan falls

Kawasan falls
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Next activity for the day: Canyoneering at Kawasan falls. I’m very hesitant on this canyoneering since I’m really not a fan of heights. And knowing you’ll dive on multiple falls is a challenge and as what they says #yolo. The canyoneering last 4 hours depending on how long you rest hahaha! I recommend you make this the last part of your itinerary because it’ll tire you out.

Another 30 mins habal habal butt pain ride towards Badian. From Badian we paid PHP1500 each, signed a *eeeeep* *gulp* waiver, wear helmet and life vest and since I already bought my own aqua shoes I didn’t bother to wear their boots. Which is a M-I-S-T-A-K-E. Their boots are very durable, in good condition and great to use for trekking. TIP: bring dry bag with snacks,  bottle of water and extra money with you. GoPro and phone are okay but not dslr. Avoid bringing bulky cameras from here.

Again another 15 mins habal habal butt pain ride towards the starting point of trekking. This is where my aqua shoes have given up on me. It was … I think it was … 30 mins or so of walk on a very rocky pavement before reaching the falls. IT WAS EXHAUSTING! But don’t focus on the exhaustion and the long walk. Try to sit and relax and enjoy the view of the mountain. I must say it’s really fun to stay in the Philippines.

Trek to Kawasan falls

We’ve reached the first fall! Remember to listen to your guide on how to jump otherwise you’ll end up like me – pushing me on the cliff to avoid getting hurt. Crazy! Literally my knees are trembling. I don’t know if its fear or I’m hungry.  Here’s a video snippet of our first dive! I think this is 14 meters high.The current is strong so swim, swim for your life!


The water is clear and very very refreshing and cold but nice cold. I envy those who enjoy their dive – backflipping, fearless dive from 30 meters high, swinging on a vine to jump. And since we’re all wet make sure to grab on those stones, trees or grab on your tour guide hand so you won’t slip. As I say this is a 4 hours canyoneering. A lot of diving, walking, swimming, jumping, photos on the side, swim…it was never ending.

Another fall

Small fall

Amidst all those exhilarating jumps, I find this area a sanctuary. It was very quiet, you can just hear the birds chirping, the calm sound of the falls, the beauty of this area. It was magical and actually a good place to meditate. And then our guide says that we’re just halfway. Halfway??!!!

Kawasan falls astounding beauty

And we dived, walked and swim more. And I finally saw an ihiwan place. I thought it was the end point. But no its not yet over. So we buy a hotdog and cebu’s chorizo! You should try their chorizo, it was sweet and tasty, oh dear I need rice at this point. Again, eating and jumping afterwards is not a good combo. I think I’m going to puke after the jump. So check your body condition first or rest for a bit more before diving again.

Finally we’ve reached our destination. The meal is included in your payment and time to enjoy the last fall. There are no people allowed to jump on this fall. But you get to enjoy the impact of the falls by riding the balsa.


Kawasan falls

So what if you have someone who’s elderly or kids who still want to enjoy the view? You can still visit and just walk from the exit for a few minutes to reach this fall. And remember to just enjoy and capture those moments!

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