A taste of Gringo’s chicken

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Located in Burgos Circle, BGC. Gringo is a Latin-American restaurant that serves the best chicken I’ve tasted! Aside from chicken and ribs, they also specialize in burritos. We went and try their branch in BGC which is very homey. Furniture is made of wood and a lot of display of greens. Little cactus on pots is placed on each table. Dangling on the ceiling and walls covered with what I believed is plastic plants. Real or plastic as long as it’s green, it gives me a relaxing vibe of the place.

It’s no doubt that I love chicken. And knowing they have this magic sauce spread on that white meat, is drooling enough. Gringo menu has meals with side dishes to choose from.

We had the Gringo southern spice chicken with 2 side dishes: mexican rice and macaroni salad. Nachos included. As what their menu says, distinct in Latin flavor. Haven’t had one but it’s very unique and appetizing. I almost forced myself not to add for additional rice haha. And don’t forget the barbecue sauce. Mmmmm…perfect! This quarter meal is for P225.

my HungryPress Gringo

We also had Gringo original chicken with white rice and buttered corn on the side. Not too dry but you can taste the splurge of herbs marinated on the chicken. This meal is for P235.

my HungryPress Gringo

All in all, I enjoy the experience and the savory chicken Gringo offers. I’ll try their ribs on my next visit.

Gringo chicken meals

P225 - P235

Venue (Burgos Circle)








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