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my HungryPress Québec Aux Anciens Canadiens
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Since I’ve been posting my travel experience in Canada for months now. It’s time to blog some of the food I’ve tried in the land of maples. This post covers Toronto and Québec.

TIP for a budget idea: You can save more dollars if you cooked for yourself. Since we’re allowed to cook on where we are staying, we opt to go grocery and cooked for ourselves. And I must say, I love cooking Hereford corned beef and Holiday luncheon meat! Dollarama is your friend for affordable goods. And try to explore the groceries. For some reason, buying groceries abroad is a must experience if your traveling. You get to see goods that are not available in your country. And get a chance to observe the way locals shop.

my HungryPress Canada

Of course, we all know that Tim Horton’s originates here in Canada. And since they just recently opened Tim Hortons back then in Manila and I haven’t tried it yet. I guess I’ll have to try where it originates. As usual French Vanilla is exceptional. I’m biased on this drink, I can drink it all day. I also enjoyed their bagel sandwiches and hash browns. I also noticed that Tim Horton’s price here is much cheaper compared in Manila.

my HungryPress Canada Tim Horton's my HungryPress Canada Tim Horton's

my HungryPress Canada Tim Horton's

We also tried the all-time famous poutine. I saw poutine everywhere with different toppings on it. This one we tried it on a food court of a mall in Toronto. It’s splattered with spring onions, bacon bits, and melted cheese. A bit bland on my palate, a sprinkle of salt could help. A serving can be shared by two people.

my HungryPress Canada Poutine

There is also a lot of international cuisine found in food courts. There are Indian, Mediterranean, Italian and more cuisines to try to. I tried the version of Thailand’s Pad Thai Curry from Liberty Noodles on my next order. There’s a lot of bean sprouts and chunks of chicken of this bowl. I added more soy sauce to fit for my taste. I like to add lemon too if there’s one.

my HungryPress Canada Pad Thai

For the love of pizza, I won’t skip ordering one too in Pizzaiolo. What’s great is they have glutten-free and wheat dough available. And it’s worth the try. The dough is not too hard given that it’s a wheat. It’s evenly cooked well. I hope they have wheat doughs as well in Manila so I can enjoy my slice of pizza.

my HungryPress Canada Pizzaiolo

Now let’s jump to what Montreal has to offer. Should I say French food is the best from what I tasted here in Canada. The pizza from Double Pizza is a delicacy! Huge serving of course, which is good for 2 persons. And I really prefer oven baked pizza, the dough is easy to chew and so tasty. Love this.

my HungryPress Québec Double Pizza my HungryPress Québec Double Pizza

While we’re waiting for our bus en route to Québec, we tried out some of the dishes available at the bus station. The salads are great, the kinds of pasta taste awesome and the subs are a blast!

my HungryPress Montreal bus station my HungryPress Montreal bus station

On your way to Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, we tried out Polina Pizzeria. The huge serving of pasta is a catch, meaty and not too sour. The Caesar salad is promising as well.

my HungryPress Québec Polina Pizzeria

my HungryPress Québec Polina Pizzeria

Another restaurant we tried on the same are is Aux Anciens Canadiens. The restaurant is dark with only the rays of sunshine from the windows as light. But their dishes is what makes this restaurant a must.

my HungryPress Québec Aux Anciens Canadiens

When the appetizer is served I already knew the rest of the entré will be excellent as well. The tomato puree is what I call the soup of the year, haha! It’s creamy, with good consistency and not too sour. I wanted to order more but need to have more space for the rest of the meals that will be served.

my HungryPress Québec Aux Anciens Canadiens

I’m full with the three main entré we’ve ordered. First the Salmon with cheese and carrot dip. Very cheesy which I prefer and the salmon is inside the turnover. Second is Chef’s choice roasted duck with side veggies. The meat is savory and cooked tenderly. Last is the Meatball with potatoes. I need rice with this one if I’m not full haha, the potatoes are not enough.

my HungryPress Québec Aux Anciens Canadiens my HungryPress Québec Aux Anciens Canadiens

my HungryPress Québec Aux Anciens Canadiens

To cap off our meal, we’ve had the maple syrup tart. Of course, we have to try what a maple taste like. It is really sweet, especially for the old man. I love how the crust is not too toasted and the cream helps keep the sweetness in balance. A combo meal costs 20CAD and these are some of the choices from TripAdvisor too.

my HungryPress Québec Aux Anciens Canadiens

So if you’re heading to Canada, try out these restaurants and let me know too what you find exceptional as well. Happy lamon!

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