Baguio’s budget-friendly eats

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Baguio has always been a favorite hangout especially for long weekends. From tourist spots, night markets, wardrobe shops, books and of course food! I’ll feature some of the places where you can.This post is exclusive for budgetarian lovers (budget friendly). Tipid tipid ng malayo ang marating.

First stop – Tea house restaurant and bakeshop. It’s a small with limited space resto that offers a lot (I really mean a lot!) of cakes. You wouldn’t imagine that they also offer rice meals because the 4 tables are filled with custom cakes. And since my friend have already tried their food, she recommends their ube delight. Yes, dessert first before anything else haha. Their small size is already good for 2 or 3 persons. The layers consists of (from top to bottom) spread of ube icing, chiffon cakes with custard creams in between and more custard on the bottom. I’m digging more for the custard part. You can’t taste the flavor of ube though.

Tea house' ube delight

Now for the main course. We ordered the medium size bird’s nest soup which is good for 5 persons. For only P120. Just add more pepper to taste. And the meals that we’ve ordered are daing na bangus with alamang, daing na bangus in taosi and grilled chicken with lechon sauce. All are very tasty with large servings! Each meal ranges from P150 – P200. Not bad right? My take (taste and price): 4 out of 5.

Tea house' budget meals

Baguio trip won’t be complete without a dose of strawberry. I’ve been here 5 years ago and the taste of Vizco’s strawberry shortcake lingers on my taste buds. You have to wait until after lunch for the shortcakes since their still waiting for the strawberries delivered freshly picked from La Trinidad. And so I’ve decided to buy a whole cake and shared it with my loved ones. Whole cakes ranges from P375 – P1000. Look, I’ve delivered it successfully to Manila! 4 hrs on bus with the box of cake on my lap 🙂 My review with Vizco’s (taste and price): 5 out of 5.

Vizco's strawberry shortcake

If you wanted to go for pizza, you may try Pizza Volante just across Tea house restaurant along Session road. An 8” (circumference) box of pizza ranges from P160 – P200. Don’t have high expectations on their pizza. I recommend that  you choose those with toppings instead of just having cheese. Volante’s strawberry shake is very creamy and sweet. A lot of ice though for a drink. Food review (taste and price): 2 out of 5.

Volante's pizza

For large servings, Good Taste is a great choice. Either you go here early or late for lunch and dinner. We went around 2pm for lunch and the place is still full. Their service is slow though given that the place is so jampacked. We ordered crispy pata for P300, sweet and sour fish for P200 and their rice is P120. All good for 3-4 persons and their all seasoned well. So good for the tummy and your wallet. My review (food and taste): 5 out of 5.

Good Taste meals

And your welcome 😉

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